These pink baby bouncers give new meaning to the phrase being tickled pink

Only it’s not you that’s going to be tickled pink this time around. It’s your baby, for goodness’s sake. But, phew, tickling baby for hours on end is, never mind, hard work. We can’t curse or groan here. You know, it’s amazing, there’s babies out there that can already start putting two and two together. Through innovative playthings designed purely as educational toys, babies are starting to put together their own word puzzles and picture frames from an early age with little encouragement from their mums.

Talk about being spoon-fed then hey. Anyway, these pink baby bouncers really do give new meaning to the phrase of being tickled pink, just so. Baby’s got nowhere to run or hide when you’ve got into one of these gigs. There’s a nice, comfy harness in tow which keeps baby safe and secure especially for those moments when you’ve got energy to spare and go on and tickle him pink. It’s also great for those exciting moments in the baby’s life when he can’t stop jumping and gurgling with delight.

Only this time, he stays put. He can’t fall out. And guess what; you can also feed him his num-nums in this proverbial carry-all. Only its baby that’s going to be carried about. We dare not say this too loudly in case the baby gets wind of it, if you can pardon the expression, but these baby bouncers are well and truly great for tired mums and dads who also need to get on with other things in the house. It’s also a great tool for putting baby right to sleep in next to no time.

pink baby bouncers

Its light-weight and pretty ruddy, able to accommodate the bigger chaps.